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Our licensed, dedicated dog daycare centre is based in Hooks Cross, near Stevenage. We provide friendly and trusted daycare, where we welcome dogs of varying breeds and sizes as though they're our own. We have multiple toys and activities available, including a dog swing, tunnels, dog friendly bubbles and more, plus lots of comfy areas for naps so your pup can recharge their batteries ready for more playtime!  

Full day: £25

Half day (up to 5hrs): £17

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-6:30pm*

Address: The Barn, Oaks Cross Farm, Hooks Cross, SG14 3RY

Click here to read our T&Cs - please ensure you've read these before booking in.


All new clients will need to attend a 2-3 hour trial session priced at £10 before booking in any full days to ensure they're happy in a daycare environment.

*Please note: we do not offer overnight boarding or weekend daycare.


Canine massage has many benefits. When treating your dog, my aim is to relieve any discomfort to enable them to live long into their golden years with a reduced level of pain and therefore an enhanced quality of life.

Canine massage is widely used to:

  • Increase and improve circulation

  • Enhance muscle tone

  • Relax muscle spasm

  • Prevent and relieve adhesions

  • Increase the range of movement

  • Reduce risk of injury

Throughout the course of treatment, I work to promote the relaxation of tight muscles to help improve range of movement. This is beneficial for dogs recovering from injury or those with discomfort, stiffness, lameness or decreased mobility from other conditions. The techniques I apply can also help dogs to cope with orthopaedic issues, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and spondylosis. 

All massage therapy is completed in your home - this is recommended to help your dog feel comfortable and get the most from their treatment.

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Initial consultation - £40

In our initial consultation, I'll get to know your dog and take time to confirm details on their veterinary consent form so I can develop a thorough understanding of their condition and tailor their treatment to suit their individual needs. I will also conduct a gait analysis and assess your dog's posture, and conduct a full body palpation to identify areas of tension. I will then give a full body massage and provide advice on aftercare. This will take up to 90 minutes.


Massage session - £35

Treatment will last around one hour, and includes palpation, gait and postural analysis to measure your dog's condition throughout the course of treatment. The treatment will take place in your own home, where your dog is likely to be more relaxed.

Canine massage is available in Hertford, Ware and surrounding areas.

You must complete and return a veterinary consent form prior to any treatment taking place, which you can download here.

Cat care

1x 30 minute visit - £7

Additional same-day 30 minute visit - £5


  • Replenishing food and water

  • Freshening up litter tray

  • Taking care of home security as required, such as gathering post, drawing curtains etc.

  • Play/cuddle time with your cat(s)


Please also let us know if your cat has any additional requirements so we can cater for them too.  

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Any Canine Massage or Cat Care services that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a cancellation charge of 50% of the cost of your service.


Separate T&Cs apply for daycare.

Contactless, cash and card payment methods accepted for all services.